Before & After School Program
    Expanded Learning Opportunity Program

    Phone: 707-765-4345 ext. 110
    Hours: 6:45am - 6:00pm
    (The main office closes at 4:00 PM, please call 707-765-4345 x 110 to reach the Before & After Care Classroom)
    ELOP Club Directors:
    Theresa Hutchinson
    Tracy Karvonen

    Welcome to the Expanded Learning Opportunity Program (ELOP). This program is open at no charge to all students of Cinnabar Elementary School District.  

    Our early morning care is open at 6:45 AM. As part of the School Breakfast Program, all students are welcome to breakfast starting at 7:45 AM. Second chance breakfast is also available at 10:00 AM. All students are welcome to one breakfast and one lunch each day at no charge.

    Supervision for all students starts at 8:00 AM on the yard.

    The Expanded Learning Opportunity Program provides various activities such as Ukulele Club, Culinary, Gardening, Music, Choir, Tutoring, Yoga, After School Sports such as Flag Football, Basketball and Volleyball along with dance, counseling and other activities as they are available.  

    Please call the office for more details at 707-765-4345.