Welcome to Cinnabar!

Welcome Back! 


I hope you are having a safe and enjoyable summer vacation. I am extremely excited to begin my 2nd year with our Cinnabar family. I honestly can’t wait to see the smiling faces of our students and work with our wonderful staff, parents, and community. The 2020-21 school year was one that brought many challenges but our students, families, and entire team showed how resilient we all truly are. I have no doubt that this 2021-22 school year is going to be fantastic.


Some of you may be new to our Cinnabar family and many of you have been a part of our family for years. Cinnabar is a unique and special place. You will quickly realize that each team member, no matter their role, will be working to make this the most memorable school experience for your child that we can. A school should feel as comfortable as a home and school should be a family. At Cinnabar, we are a family and some of the most important things that we will do each day is build relationships with our students.

Throughout the year your child will engage in many different opportunities and experiences that will have a positive impact on their education. Remind your child to always try their best and celebrate even the smallest successes with them throughout the year. As a parent, I can understand that we always want our child to shine the brightest, but what’s most important is our child’s character and the efforts they put forth in all they do.


I am confident your child will have an extraordinary year of growth both academically and socially. Please know that my door is always open and I am happy to chat!


Happy School Year!


Kristina Arcuri