STEAM School


We are a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Music School.


Science, Technology and Engineering: 


All students benefit from our TK-8 science instruction and hands on experiments. Cinnabar's buddy science classes allows older classmates to partner with younger students in their science, technology and engineering activities enhancing learning for all. Beginning in 4th grade, students receive their science instruction from our 4th and 5th grade science and math teacher, Mrs. Rose. Our middle school students, 6-8 grades, receive their science instruction from Mr. Ribeiro. Mr. Riberio also teaches middle school engineering through our middle school elective wheel. Maker, Robotics, and Coding are our engineering elective offerings.


Cinnabar 1:1 device ratio school which provides Chromebooks to each student in each classroom, enabling access to modern learning tools and services as well as teaching critical research skills. Cinnabar students in grades TK-K have access to iPads allowing reinforcement of reading and math skill practice. Grades 1-8 have Chromebooks so they can practice their keyboarding and technology skills as well as mastering their literacy skills in reading, writing, math, and science. 


Art, Drama and Music:


All of our students have access to art instruction with our art instructor - Mrs. Ward. 

Mrs. Ward teaches various art mediums and art history. Student's art pieces are shown in local art shows and displayed at our school during our art walk at our end of the year back to school event. 


TK, 2nd, 4th - 5th grade students participate in drama classes as part of their STEAM program at Cinnabar. Students practice their drama skills through regular drama skits performed at school for other students. 


All of our students have access to music instruction with our music teacher - Ms. C.

Ms. C teaches students to expand their music skills at each grade-level. Students demonstrate their musical abilities at the end of each trimester participating in Cinnabar's music performances for our families.