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Announcement from Cinnabar School District Board

Cinnabar Elementary School District Board Announces

Appointment of Ken Silman as New Superintendent/Principal 

June 17, 2022 

On Wednesday, June 15, 2022, the Trustees of the Board of Education came to an agreement with Ken Silman to serve as the new superintendent/principal beginning July 1, 2022. Mr. Silman will resume the role held by current superintendent, Kristina Arcrui, who is stepping away to devote more time to her family.  

Mr. Silman has an extensive background in school administration, including 7 years at Anthony C. Traina School in Tracy, CA. (5 years as principal, 2 years as vice principal), 10 years as a teacher in the Liberty Union High School District and Antioch Unified School District, and 9 years on a school board in a K-8 district. Mr. Silman has two daughters, Natalie (21) and Faith (17), who are his pride and joy. Prior to his career in education, he was a sportswriter in the Bay Area. 

Mr. Silman is a forward-thinking leader with creative solutions to some of the difficulties all schools and districts face, especially those of a small district such as Cinnabar. In his words, "When I look at my own teaching or the instruction in my site and district, I ask myself, is it good enough for my daughters? I ask my staff to ask themselves that same question (about their children or relatives) as they look at the instruction, the food, the facilities and the safe learning environment we are making for students."

Those reasons, along with his enthusiasm and positive attitude, make him a great fit for Cinnabar School. Please join us in welcoming Mr. Silman to our Cinnabar family.

Mr. Silman will be officially welcomed and his contract approved at the June 21, 2022 board meeting.


Board Announcement June 17 2022 - K Silman