Music Program


At Cinnabar School, we strive to offer a music program that uses a variety of styles to enhance our everyday learner.  These are the following music programs we offer at Cinnabar…


Classroom music – From Tk-6th, we offer well-rounded classroom music instruction.  Students learn to play Orff instruments, sing, learn basic rhythm concepts and dances.  We begin discussing theory, work with the Santa Rosa Symphony on their symphonic learning series.  And we go see the Santa Rosa Youth Orchestra play at the Green Music Center every year.  We also have two concerts a year where students get to showcase what they have been working on in music class.


In the 3rd grade, we work on a 35-minute musical that is performed at the end of the year.  Students audition for parts and are asked to learn lines, songs and then put on a show for their school and parent community.


For grades 3rd-5th, we offer recorders and utilize a system called recorder karate.  Recorder Karate is a method where students are given individual practice time to master nine songs that can be played at home or in a performance.  Students then achieve belts for every song learned. 


NEW!  4th grade next year will be starting a ukulele program.  Students will learn a variety of song selections and basic chords.  We are very excited to introduce this program!


For 5th grade, students begin to learn songs on hand chimes.  These chimes are a fantastic way for students to start learning to read music and blend harmonies together.  Students learn a variety of songs from early classical literature to modern pieces.  5th Grade also continues recorder karate and many students find themselves mastering to black belt!


3rd-5th graders also get an opportunity to have a “lunch bunch” choir class.  This class meets twice a week during lunch and is a safe and warm space to explore a variety of songs from Disney to 1930’s show tunes. 


NEW! Next year we will be implementing a drum fit program for TK-6th grade.  This program offers both exercise and a way to get every student drumming!  With new lessons every week, every student is engaged and working out both their music brains and their muscles!


In 6th grade, we offer both choir and music appreciation.  These courses take place once a week in their homeroom class.  For music appreciation, we learn rhythms, note reading, composers and basic theory concepts.  Choir is usually focused on popular music that speaks to our students and encourages learning music in this fashion. 


Our steam class this year for middle school was Rock Band.  This class composed of 13 students that worked on songs by Metallica, Queen, Vance Joy as well as rock from the 1960’s.  Instrumentation consisted of bass guitars, pianos, electric guitars, drums, flutes and Orff instruments.  We performed twice for our school community and many younger students were blown away and excited to perhaps participate when they get to those older grades.