Library Services


Cinnabar School Library
707-765-4345 ext. 157

Alexandria Lowery – Librarian

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Library Hours: Our library is open for students to exchange books during snack and lunch recesses every day except on Wednesdays (minimum day). TK - 8 grade classes are scheduled with weekly class visits to our library.


Cinnabar School Library has a collection of over 6000 titles, both fiction and non-fiction, that are shelved according to the Dewey Decimal System.  There are over 400 titles in Spanish or Spanish/English bilingual books.


Our library is an Accelerated Reader  (AR ) Library.  Books are colored-coded according to reading levels.  Students take online Renaissance reading tests to establish their reading level and then are able to select books within their reading range by color code.  Once a student reads a book, they take an online test on their book.   Records are kept for each student to track their progress. Throughout the year, follow-up reading tests are given to see if student is able to move on to a higher range.  Our Principal requests that all students have two AR books at all times and read at home daily.

Students have weekly, reserved, library times but may also come in during their snack and lunch recesses. Stories are read during library times with the opportunity for students to check out books following the story or book-talk. Books may be renewed by students.


All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use and check out books from our  library.