About Cinnabar School District


Our Mission Statement

The Cinnabar School family of staff, students, parents, and community, building on its traditions of excellence, discipline and community involvement, seek to create a safe, stimulating environment which prepares our students to function effectively as lifelong learners and responsible citizens.


Our Campus

The Cinnabar Elementary and Charter School District is a one school district.  Cinnabar School serves 285 students in grades TK-8. The school and district were established in 1859 for the purpose of serving the children who lived mostly on farms just north of Petaluma.  While some of the children today live on ranches, most live in homes that would be considered suburban.  The school serves a relatively diverse student body.  In the 2016-2017 school year we have 17 classroom teachers that includes a resource and intervention/ELD teacher. There are 7 Instructional aides supporting student learning in the classroom and supervising students on the playground. We also have the following support staff: a school psychologist, speech therapist, nurse, school counselor, P.E. instructor, social emotional instructor, music teacher, art instructor and technology director. Cinnabar families are involved in our PTO/CEF, School Site Council (SSC), PBIS (Positive, Behavior, Intervention, and Supports) Team and English Language Parent Advisory Committee (ELPAC).


The School Board

The Board of Trustees is comprised of five members, each serving a four year term. Trustees are either elected or appointed to the position. The term of office runs from December to December of each year. Trustees must be citizens of the state of California, registered voters, and live within the district's boundaries. The Board usually meets once each month in the library. The agenda is posted in the office window three days prior to the meeting and lists the topics of discussion. Closed sessions may be held before or after the open meeting. Board meetings are open meetings and guests are welcome to attend. Although the Board has many responsibilities, its main functions are to employ and evaluate the Superintendent, establish and review district policy, monitor and approve the budget, and oversee the facility. The meetings they hold are worth attending whether you're a parent or a community member.

To contact a Board member, please call the school office at (707) 765-4345. Below is a list of our current Board members, contact email addresses, and the expiration date of their terms:

  • Jennifer Elu (President)
    Term Ends: Dec 2024  

  • Cathy Thompson (Clerk)
    Term Ends: Dec 2024

  • Rick O'Hare
    Term End: Dec 2022

  • Paul Sequeira 
    Term End: Dec 2022

  • Patty Murch
    Term End: Dec 2022